Demo 2018

by Rejection Pact

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released February 1, 2018


Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Charlie.


all rights reserved



Rejection Pact Boise, Idaho

Boise Idaho hardcore punk band. New 7" THREATS OF THE WORLD will be out April 26, 2019 on Safe Inside Records

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Track Name: Hired Goons
What's it gonna take?
To get it through your head?
Your occupation doesn’t earn my respect
You already get a paycheck

Your secrets run deep
in the name of safety
So quick to pull the trigger
Without even thinking

You enforce the rules
even they don’t ever apply to you
Maintain law and order
Through fear and abuse

Too stupid to think
So quick to react
Everyone’s a target
“Justified self defense?”

You’re just following orders..
Track Name: Dead Hours
You've drawn your line
in the sand.
Made up your mind
I see where we stand.

My time’s run out
Can’t turn back the clocks
Why am I still stuck here?
You’ve never seen what counts.

Your stance is hard
but so is mine.

You wont ever admit
You've lost sight.

Bleed dry and take
Fooled so many
With empty promises.

You line your pockets
While others beg
Refuse to pay attention
until it’s too late.

There's a reason
Why everyone keeps walking away.
Track Name: History Rhymes
How I break these chains
that keep pulling me down?

Why did I fall for it?
My youth got me blinded.

Back to this rotting cell
Culture of avoidance

Sick and tired
No future ahead
Track Name: Things That Never Were
More and more everyday you seem so fixated
On finding new ways to play the victim.
”The good ole days”
the way it was.
How the fuck would you know?
So quick to criticize
Everyone’s enemy
Are you really in the cross hairs
Or just afraid?
Never willing to accept
Things are not the same.
Just let go. Face the facts
Embrace change.
You’ve become intolerant
Crushed by your views
Progress is essential
Will you make it out alive?
Track Name: Ghost Culture
You're driven by fear
and what you don't know
When it's something new
You disappear like a ghost.

Too lazy to take the time
to try to understand

It's just easier
to stay in the comfort
of your circle

Wasted days
calling them out.

What the fuck have they done to you?
What do you got to be pissed about?

Burn down your ivory tower

Fuck your bullshit agenda

You're waging a war
you can never win.

If you can't see past our differences
there's the fucking door. Cya later.

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